About Us

Our Initiative

Our initiative bridges the gap between people willing to extend a helping hand by providing laptops to students in need of laptops to pursue online education and online competitive exams.


This initiative is brainchild of Gunisha Aggarwal. She is student of Class 12 at Chennai. She has been interested in community service projects and has worked with Police Boys and Girls Clubs to conduct outreach programmes through the medium of storytelling.

She has distributed over 1500 kits containing rice,dal,salt,sugar,spices,sanitizers and masks by raising funds through crowdfunding and using her own pocket money. She is working on a project studying the economic situation of migrant labourers. She is also studying the evolving role of Primary Agricultural Cooperative societies into multi purpose societies under the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund scheme of Government of India.

Arshita Aggarwal, Director of Outreach

Arshita is currently working as an Associate with a leading law firm in India. She is a law graduate from National Law School of India University, Bangalore. She has been involved in various initiatives to help the underprivileged and is very passionate about making education accessible to everyone.